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Some old ass cemetery in Lancaster, PA

Chooch is already asking if we’re going to have our traditional Christmas picnic in the cemetery and I think that’s so awesome that it’s already become a “thing” for him. We didn’t get to do it last year because it rained pretty steadily on Christmas, but we had a little post-Christmas cupcake snack on a drier day.  The cemetery picnics were something that started in ’05 when I was pregnant and we had no where else to go on Christmas because my family was being a basket of dicks. It kind of just stuck after that, even after my family took me back. We grab some snacks, some plastic bottles of eggnog from the convenience store, a blanket if we remember, and eat while shivering amongst graves. I don’t think Henry enjoys it, but Chooch and I do and isn’t it really all about pleasing the children?

All my life, I’ve had encounters with people who think it’s “weird” or “unhealthy” to have a fascination of cemeteries. I’m sure Chooch will eventually run into these same types of people who will crinkle their noses and attempt to make him feel like there is something wrong with him for pointing out the car window and yelling, “Cemetery! Let’s go!” just like he did in Lancaster. But hopefully he will be able to brush that shit off like I do. It’s not like we’re digging up dead bodies, for Christ’s sake.

Christmas 2008

Someday I will make a photobook filled entirely with all of Chooch’s cemetery photos and then all his friends will be like, “Dude, you have the best baby pictures ever!” and I will sneer in the faces of their parents.

What kind of holiday traditions do you have?

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  1. I wish there was an old cemetery around here! The only one I’ve found is the kind where very grave looks the same and has only been there since the 1970’s.

  2. Chooch cemetery cuteness on this Wednesday morning. Perfect way to start my day. ~hugs~

    He enjoys it…who cares what anyone else thinks.

  3. I LOVE cemeteries! My husband and I used to visit old ones all the time. We like going to look for old relatives from long ago too. I live near lots of the really old little ones. There is one near us that is in the middle of a cow pasture. One thing we love to do is to find the old ones near the back that have fallen over and stand the stones back up, neaten them up a bit. I think Chooch will always have this to think back on in his memories and it will be good memories.

    • Cemeteries are just so tranquil and beautiful to walk through! And then there are the creepy ones which I also like. :) I spend a lot of time there.

      Thank you for stopping by and checking this post out!

  4. I love those pictures of him! We don’t have any traditions like those..I suppose we’re a bit boring :-)

    I’m actually working on a guest blog for Fri on just that topic!

  5. These are some really fantastic shots!

  6. Agreed. As usual, the photos and Riley’s clothes are awesome!

    Basket of dicks! TOLHURST!

  7. Cemeteries were the only parks available to the public not that long ago. It’s where families went for picnics, back in the day. Nothing weird about it! Cemeteries are beautiful, peaceful places full of history and feeling.

  8. For me, personally, traditions are some of the only things that keep me going during the holidays. I can depend on them to be there and instill a sense of normalcy and stability, even if it’s a tradition that other people may find strange, like the fact that, every year, I used to visit my grandmother’s grave with my father on Christmas morning after we’d opened presents. Now that I’m married and have other “in-law” obligations, I don’t get to share that time with him, and I really miss it. There was always something so special about being somewhere so tranquil and cold, when everyone else was usually still in their pajamas, sipping their coffee and marveling over their Christmas morning spoils.

    I think it’s really great that you have traditions that Chooch is already looking forward to, and I’m sure that he will be very thankful for them when he’s older.

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