Dec 232010

I’m sitting in a church, waiting for the roof to collapse, and also for Chooch’s fucking class to get their asses out here and sing Jingle Bells so I can peace the fuck out of this God structure.

There are a lot of obnoxious parents here.

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One of them is in front of me with her screaming baby and she is seemingly under the impression that he is precious; well, I’m here to tell you that he is not. And Henry is next to me, trying to crack jokes, but my only response is hissing.

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His mom is here too. She asked me what I do at my job and I was like, “You wouldnt understand.”

My inner Grinch is suffocating my will to fake smile.

The sole purpose of this post is  just that I wanted to be able to say I blogged from church.

  6 Responses to “School Assembly Bullshit”

  1. At least you are safe from Vampires?

  2. Oh dear lord, that sounds like hell…

  3. “…so I can peace the fuck out of this God structure.” You are my favourite. lol

  4. You have blogging balls and for that you are awesome. And way to check blogging from church off a 2011 resolution list early!

  5. That picture looks like a funeral.Kinda.

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