May 272008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 14:51 Great. Now Chooch expects candy to be showered upon him every time he goes outside. Thanks parade, you asshole. #
  • 15:57 My neighbor Robin is hooked up to an oxygen tank and I really need to know why. Asking her would be too easy. #
  • 17:29 Chooch is eating a bowlful of cold cavatelli noodles, cheese, pretzels and Capn Crunch. He’s getting an early start on college cuisine. #
  • 19:17 My son is simultaneously fixated and horrified of eye balls. #
  • 19:19 I took pics of my eye, his eye, and henrys eye with my phone and Chooch is actually shuddering. Henry is yelling at me to stop.


  • 20:15 I just got really pissed off about the Star Spangled Banner. Fuck that song and all the ppl who sing it. #
  • 09:46 My morning so far: full of eyeballs and reciting the cast of Cars. #

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  3 Responses to “tweetz0rz”

  1. i’m seriously getting chooch candy eyeballs.

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