Dec 282010

I woke up Christmas morning to some Prince video marathon on VH1 Soul. It was Purple Rain-era, so I left it on, because nothing says Christmas morning quite like velvet blazers, jheri curls and lewd guitar stances. Finally, I couldn’t take the anticipation any longer and decided to coax Chooch out of slumber.

“Santa was here!” I yelled, pushing him back and forth on the bed with one impatient arm.

He mumbled some string of slurred profanities at me, shrugged me off and rolled away from me, falling back asleep.

What non-orphaned child doesn’t want to wake up on Christmas morning!? I went back downstairs and watched more Prince videos.  We had moved from “When Doves Cry” to CREAM-era by the time Chooch and Henry finally decided to join me. I was a little annoyed, but determined not to let it ruin the day.

He tore open gift after gift like a forgotten Looney Tunes character, arms blurred and paper shooting out behind him in a discarded pile. He needed no reminding of Christmas morning protocol.

I thought it was really sweet that my far-away friends thought of Chooch and sent him gifts. He got a Thing doll and some Ben 10 comic books from Bill and Jessi, causing him to rejoice in that high-pitched way children are wont to do.

I kept waiting for Henry to emerge from the kitchen with a silver tray stacked with hot cinnamon buns and some mimosas. But I guess he would have had to lift his old man bones up off the couch in order for anything short of cereal-pouring to happen.

Andrea got him a Jason wall grabber, which I can’t wait to use to cover the Sharpie art on his bedroom wall.

And then my Floridian friend Octavia saw this pull-apart zombie doll and thought of Chooch immediately. It arrived a week before Christmas, so we all had to sit around and stare at this odd-shaped package; she wouldn’t even tell me what it was. Torture!

Chooch accidentally opened Marcy’s gift, so I tried to dupe her by sliding Speck’s under her nose. She looked at me like, “You think I was born yesterday? Nice try,” so I had to unwrap it for her. And remember how Henry only bought two packs of cat treats because “Only two of the four cats eat the fucking things!”?

Yeah, good job, Henry. Because we all know how awesome cats are at sharing.

I’m so glad I bought the little fucker a Wii, when a fucking $10 Zombieland DVD elicited the biggest response from him. Seriously, it was like giving a blind bastard back his eyesight, he was so amped.

I had to beg him to put pj bottoms on so he wouldn’t be half-nude in all  the pictures. It nearly started a war, until I desperately yelled, “IT’S SANTA’S RULE, NOT MINE!”

The entire Series #5 of Homies! Next year’s gingercrack house will be even more balls out. We’ll probably have enough left over to make a manger scene, too!

Zombie loot.

Henry knowing his role on Christmas morning. Prince videos in the background.

The most adorable renditions of horror movie stars.

Halloween wristlet from Bill & Jessi; more awesome makeup from Andrea!

After all of our (Henry’s) hardwork was ripped to shreds and left in a wilting, used heap on the floor, Chooch was busying himself with his new Imaginext playsets, the Prince marathon had graduated to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince-era, and Henry and I were relaxing on the couch.

“Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?” I said, holding up Chooch’s new “10 Little Zombies” book.

“No, you are,” Henry said, and it seemed sincere! It totally made up for his failure to buy me a Christmas present.


  8 Responses to “Christmas Morning”

  1. Henry did not give you a Christmas gift? That’s it, I am coming OVER there!
    Shame on him. I hope you killed him with kindness in the gift-giving department, so that he makes it up to you next year. And all year, till then. The “cute” comment was a good start. Now keep it UP, Henry.

    I had a husband who not only didn’t buy me a Christmas gift one year, but pointed out after she opened it on Xmas morning that my younger sister’s new boyfriend had bought her a really nice, thoughtful, expensive one … and added that my sister must really be worth it, hint hint.
    I say, HAD a husband.

  2. Okay let’s get this straight sweetie…

    *I* have jeri curl.

    Everybody else, including his lord highness o’ the great Purple One has a jheri curl.

    HUGE diff. Get it right, sistah!

  3. Yay! So glad you guys liked all your stuff!
    I just don’t feel like Xmas is complete unless there’s some sort of animal fight over treats going on…
    Chooch looks awfully cute with Jason. I was going to send more whistles…

  4. Check out the Paul Frank PJ bottoms!! So awesome!

    It’s cracking me up how happy Riley looks here.

  5. ~HUGS~ Love reading about your christmas!

  6. Eeek, Henry forgot to get your present. That sucks! I’m a prince fan to, especially of the purple rain era. Looks like Chooch had a great Christmas!!

  7. I’m glad you all liked the gifts, we miss you!

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