Jun 032008



I’d like to say he’s reflecting on life, but he’s probably just pooping or mapping out an escape route. In other dark holes of my brain, I’m planning another for-fun photo shoot so if any of you locals are interested, hit me up. I promise I won’t like, make you bleed or anything. Although, I have been kind of fixated with meat cleavers this week.

A final note: It’s an honor to know that people come to my blog by searching for "cummy-yummy " and "ass rape bitch." Clearly, a job well done on my part.

  10 Responses to “Sunday at the Cemetery”

  1. ok… this picture is truly is amazing. like very.

    especially since we know it was just perfect timing from the photoG b/c your kid doesn’t actually believe in staying still.

    your photoshoots rule,
    i would suggest participation to anyone who can make it.

    i love my rabbit and welding mask pics…

    meat cleavers FTW!!!!!

    i’m almost certain the fbi watches you.

  2. I really love the colors in this picture.

    Oh, and I just saw you added my snarky book blog! Thank you! Next time I log in, I will start a blogroll with you at the top :)

  3. WHO Googles “Cummy Yummy”??? Hahahah

    Love the pic, as usual… you’re awesome. <3

  4. What an amazingly BEAUTIFUL photo.

    That looks like Jenny and Forest Gump’s tree. He must be pondering wether or not Mary Wild and John Charles went together like pees and carrots.

  5. When I get married, you’re taking the photos, JSYK.

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