Jan 182011


I don’t know why Henry lets me do the things I do to him, but I do know that the fact that he does keeps me interested in him. Maybe he’s smarter than we think! He makes all my other boyfriends look like complete duds.

(I mean PAST! PAST boyfriends!)

I think the only thing I’ve commanded him to do that he flat out hasn’t is write a guest post. Clearly I haven’t hounded him enough. Maybe I can get him to write about how worried he was for me when I was stumbling blindly around a haunted school Saturday night.

Worried about his FLASHLIGHT, anyway.

This weekend, I’m going to see if he’ll let me castrate him.

And maybe I’ll get him something nice for Valentine’s Day. Like a day off.

  7 Responses to “My Little Unicorn”

  1. where is the picture, I like the grimley look.

  2. You may not know why Henry puts up with it/you/your antics, but I know why YOU keep HIM: he makes a great toyboy!

  3. Ah, the things that we will do or are willing to have done to us for the one we love … you got yourself a good one there.

  4. Haha, Henry kicks so much ass.

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