Jan 212011


I sent this Sea Monkey video to Barb yesterday at work after she was pouting over not being able to see the newly-birthed sea babes on my desk, and she apparently was so taken by the music that she was watching it again today and showing it to other people.

My favorite is that third three-eyed bastard who comes poking in halfway though the video.

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I just love him.

I never thought these things would be such a hit around here, but curiosities have definitely been piqued and several people have been chiming it with name ideas.

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One of the processors admitted that he never knew they were real things, but thought they were mythological dragons.

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Which makes me wish they actually were mythological dragons. Except less mythological, more logical.

  8 Responses to “A Veritable Sea Monkey Craze”

  1. HA! They are hilarious with that music. They’re way more adorable than I thought they would be. I look forward to seeing them mature.

    • I think they look cute all blown up like that too! But then one of my co-workers saw it and was like, “THAT’S WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE? EW!” I’m afraid she’s going to devise ways to “accidentally” squash them. :(

  2. The music is quite catchy.

  3. What is that tune? It’s quite the foot tapper!

  4. They are pretty cute but watching it ruins the idea of eating shrimp anytime soon…

  5. *lowers head in shame* I never knew what they existed. I always had this idea that they looked like purple sea horses. It could’ve been the RUGRATS episode I saw way back in the ’90s though. Lol. I’m totally not turned on by them though. Now that I know that they’re real AND what they look like, I will probably never lust after them again :(

  6. *that they existed. Grammar fail.

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