Jun 082008




Two weeks ago, I couldn’t find the right shoe to this pair and I was almost reduced to tears. I paced around, hands in my hair, saying, "Where the fuck could it be?" over and over. Then Henry found it in the basement (thanks, Chooch) and became my automatic hero for like, an entire ten minutes.

I’ll never tire of Converse.

  8 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. i’m sooooo glad that henry found that shoe!!!
    it would have ruined your day.

    those are some awesome shoes…
    and that is a fantastic photo.
    ad worthy even. makes you want those converse.

  2. those are super cute. i would cry if i lost one of those!
    i saw some red ones recently that i want BAD.

  3. forreal?

  4. target is where i saw the red ones i like, actually! i should head over now. *lol*

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