Feb 062011

Nain posted last week about man caves and how her husband is finally going to get one when their house is finished being built.

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  I think–ideally–that we all need our own space though, don’t we? In our current residence, no one really has their own space (bedrooms excluded).

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All the time, I tell Henry that if (a big if) we ever actually own a house, it is essential that I have my own room. It only needs to be big enough to hold my music collection, a bangin’ stereo, enough wall space to be adequately covered with my music memorabilia, and of course–a big motherwhompin’ bean bag chair. (Though in a perfect world, the bean bag chair would be swapped out for one of those devilishly retro egg chairs.)

“So basically you want a teenager’s room,” Henry summarized.

Yes, and with all the haphazardly strewn used condoms, door slamming and cutting apparati that comes with it.

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  9 Responses to “erin’s man cave”

  1. If/when I sell the novel I am going to buy one of those awesome prefab sheds with a loft and trick it out!

  2. I totally agree! I need a room, too, dammit. I’m going to demand that one of the four rooms be mine.

  3. We are looking to move/possibly enlarge our house because we believe cave space to be critical to sanity. I mean we can’t keep our bean bag chair in the dining room, can we??

  4. I can totally see you sitting in an egg chair. A white one with bright purple lining. Ohhh yeah….

  5. interestingly enough, we didn’t have the space in the house for me to have my man cave (although the garage add on we plan will most likely become it) I turned my office @ work into my man cave, minus the desk and work stuff..:D

  6. Right now we all have our own spaces but the kids will have to share a bedroom to have a toy room. If I ever have to turn my room back into a bed room the toy room will become my room. I’m old and have earned my private space!

  7. I thought you might appreciate my “man” cave:


    P.S. Love your blog and artwork. Your writing is so amusing and I look forward to each update. Also, it’s nice to know that there are other people raising their kids to respect the undead.

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