Feb 252011

“I’M WATCHING THIS!” as the channel changed.



This volleyed back and forth a bit, like a tennis match between two short-fused siblings fighting over how best to kill Daddy for his money, before Henry entered the room to play referee.

“This is an argument I should be breaking up between a twelve-year-old and a four-year-old,” Henry yelled as brand new wrinkles gouged themselves around his eyes.

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“Not a THIRTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD and a four-year-old.

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I’m sorry, but after a long day, mama wants to kick back with some Cherokee Red and a fucking Degrassi episode, OK. And I haven’t seen Cherokee Red in the store for years, so best let this bitch have her goddamn show.

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  4 Responses to “Friday Night Fisticuffs.”

  1. Hey, tell the kid “I bought the tv so I pick the show” That usually works for my brother and his kiddos :-)

  2. I know where you can find Cherikee Red pop in bottles AND cans! McIntyre Square Giant Eagle, which is frozen in some kind of retail time warp. If you look hard enough, I’m sure you can find Quisp cereal and Crystal Pepsi.

    My friends and I buy a Cherikee six-pack each year for our annual White Trash Weekend … we rent a double-wide at Erie’s Thunderbird Motel & Trailer Park and spend the weekend wearing wife-beaters, eating cheese puffs and drinking Genny Light. Our special concoction is called Liver’s Last Stand … Cherikee Red and a shot of whiskey. It’s fun to perpetuate stereotypes while chugging a racially insensitive beverage.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m going to have to stop there to get some because I haven’t had my throat burned by that blood-red carbonated poison since I was a kid.

      Your white trash weekend sounds intriguing! Let’s speed up this friendship process so I can be invited to the next one, lol!

  3. Oh don’t you worry – the BF and I got into a huge fight on Friday night that went like this:

    bf – said some rude snappy comment
    me – silence
    bf – sorry
    me – getting up as he mutters sor and storming to the bathroom while saying “i dont really want to fucking talk to you right now” then I had to hide out in my “clubhouse” aka bathroom for 15 minutes because we live in a damn studio.

    long story short, yes, you should get to watch your degrassi.

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