Jun 182008

Sharing Harlan Coben books.

Weekend Players & The Flir.

Choking on chlorine.

Firecracker trips to Ohio.

Horror movies on humid nights.

Amaretto sours & A/C at McCoys.

Loving the Decemberists, hating bronchitis.

Pink Disney Princess phone.

Blue floppy beach hat to stay incognito.

Death by riding mower.

  4 Responses to “Summer 2003”

  1. such a sweet entry.

    love that photo.

  2. I like when you do stuff like this.

    DEATH BY RIDING MOWER?!?! Explain.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I hear a song and need to purge!

      Oh shit, that summer, my mom’s neighbor was cutting her grass with a riding mower and it tipped over. She was on a hillside, so she and the tractor tumbled down the hill together and she ended up beneath it with a snapped neck. :/ It was really tragic.

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