Apr 092011

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After I broke up with my boyfriend for Henry in 2001, one of the last things he said to me was, “Have fun drinking IC Light and listening to country music.

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I’m assuming he was trying to insinuate that Henry is white trash, his only basis being that Henry is fourteen years older than me.

In these last ten years, I have not once brought an IC Light up to my lips (I’m a wino), and last I checked, there are no country bands playing at Warped Tour.

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Nice try.

[It is not the opinion of this blog’s writer that the enjoyment of either of these things, separate or in tandem, makes the person partaking in such “white trash.”]

  2 Responses to “A Random Memory”

  1. So…my random memory of my ex was him saying “if you ever get fat I will put you on a treadmill and dangle a snickers in front of your face”. f you dude. To this day, I maintain that he really is gay.

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