May 052011

I had a pretty bad night, sleep-wise. I’m a little under the weather and just wanted to rest, but it was one of those nights where Chooch just refused to stay in his bed.

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Henry had already left for work super-early—like around 2AM so he can get shit done since we’re going to Cleveland tomorrow morning and his co-workers can’t be trusted to do jack shit to help him out—-so I couldn’t pawn the child off on him as I am normally wont to do.

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  It wouldn’t have been such an issue if Chooch hadn’t been bringing his industrial snoring machine into my bed with him. I’d escort him back to his room, wait for him to fall asleep, climb back into my own bed, and within an hour the cycle would start all over again.

Somewhere around 4:30AM, he came into my room and announced that he had “accidentally” peed in his bed, which I’m fairly certain he did on purpose because the kid hasn’t had a bed-wetting episode in at least a year. And what better way to eliminate his bed from the equation.

Finally, I left him in my bed and went downstairs to sleep on the couch. He found me about 2 hours later and fell asleep on the other end, in an up-right position. He was still snoring.

Talk about the most annoying shadow of all time.

You’ll understand then why today I am not only a bit sick, but I am fucking exhausted and slightly stressed and completely nervous about the aforementioned trip to Cleveland (but in a good way). So about thirty minutes ago, when I heard a loud thud in between my front doors followed by an angry and impatient knocking, I was ready to fight; maybe even miraculously call forth some of the moves I learned in the Zombie Self-Defense Course.

Turns out it was one of the asshole mailmen, delivering me an unexpected package from my decidedly non-asshole friend, Misty.


She made me a goddamn Robert Smith purse and it is perfect! It made me squeal and tear-up. I love the Cure so much and any relic makes my heart swell. My mom once got me a poker chip with Robert’s face on it and to this day I have it displayed in my curio cabinet like it’s the fucking Hope Diamond. Anytime someone recognizes my love for the Cure, I am so touched.

And for Chooch, Misty made a tooth-receptacle which he thinks is the coolest thing ever.

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He and I are totally not friends today so he’s lucky I even let him have it. I could’ve used it for my crack.



The inside of the purse is lined with this mesmerizing owl fabric! I LOVE OWLS. It is absolutely perfect and completely turned my day around. Thank you for your awesome friendship, Misty! I’m so happy right now!

  6 Responses to “A Pleasant Surprise”

  1. Aw, getting surprises in the mail is always a great thing…sorry your night sucked, though!

  2. Yay! I am glad you like my non-proffessional sewing/embroidery quality gift. Hope you get some rest before your trip.

  3. I’m sorry your night was el shitty-o. We were bad night twins. Only instead of a pre-schooler, I had a fucking cough driving me nuts. Nothing a little codeine won’t fix…ugh.

  4. At least the day wasn’t a total loss!

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