May 252011

Just now, I was sitting at the dining room table, talking to Henry about amniotic fluid while he eats his dinner.

Chooch came over with my phone and said, “Wait until you see this, I got to the next level. I jumped over—-”

While Chooch was droning on about what was happening on the game he was playing, I noticed that Henry was trying not to laugh, and also that my phone was aimed directly at me. A (very dim) light went off in my head, prompting me to snatch my phone from Chooch.

That little fucker’s “game” was just a ruse to take my picture.

My annoyance only made him crack up harder.

“What an asshole,” I muttered to Henry after Chooch walked away.

“A smart asshole,” Henry corrected.

And I can’t even be mad because he learned this shit from me.

  3 Responses to “A Photo-Stalker After My Own Heart”

  1. hahaha ohmygod too funny and kind of cute. XD Dontcha just hate it when they start doing what you do and you can’t really get mad at them for it?

  2. That shit is funny. I can’t wait to teach my kid all of my bad habits…although I don’t think they’re that bad.

  3. funny funny! I can’t wait until Chooch gets his OWN blog….you must promise that I will be added to that one!!!

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