Jun 122011


I was skulking about Clairton three summers ago with my camera. All my local friends know what a terrific idea THAT is. I saw this guy palling around with some of his friends and he just really appealed to me. I was going to try and photo-stalk him, but ended up opting for the direct approach and asked  if I could photograph him.

“For a school project.”

That’s honestly the best excuse on Earth.

“No really, it’s for a college project and not at all for my blog! I don’t even have a blog! What is a blog!?”

A few weeks ago, Pittsburgh’s urban radio station—WAMO—made its big comeback debut. It went off-air in 2009, money problems I’m sure. You’re probably thinking, “But you’re a music snob. Why do you care about radio?” Look, urban radio is my shit, especially in the summer. I need my summer jams for when I’m carousing the cemeteries. And WAMO was always the only radio station that never pissed me off.

This new incarnation of WAMO, though, I don’t know what’s going on. They play LADY GAGA. BRUNO MARS. That is not r&b nor is it hop hop!

They play that Katy Perry trash. Look, I get that she’s got Kanye in that one song, but that doesn’t make it OK to play it 8 times an hour.

What bothers me most, though, I mean what REALLY gets under my skin, is the motherfucking Black Eyed Peas every goddamn time I turn it on. Fergie’s lucky if she gets to sing two notes before I’m bashing in the radio with the heel of my hand.  I was so incensed about this yesterday that I “liked” WAMO on Facebook JUST SO I COULD WRITE ON THEIR WALL.

Fuck the Black Eyed Peas! Fuck the whole collective with pine cones! THAT IS NOT URBAN MUSIC. That’s shit soccer moms listen to when they’re waiting to pick their kids up from fucking karate. Country fans listen to that shit when they want to feel like a “bad ass.” WAMO is supposed to be for black people and me!

I guarantee you if I went back to Clairton and sought out the dude in the picture above, he’d be all, “SHIIIIIIIIIIIT girl, that’s WHITE PEOPLE music.” CAN I GET A HELL YEAH.

  5 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday & a Rant”

  1. The Black Eyed Peas make me want to drown myself in sewage.

    • A preferable alternative.

      As I was leaving a bar tonight, one of their “songs” was playing on the jukebox and for a brief moment I considered the horror of having the Black Eyed Peas discography following me everywhere like Bo Peep’s sheep. Only louder and stinkier.

  2. YES YES OMG YES. No kidding, I was JUST thinking tonight that while I can always find pop music I dig, I cannot STAND K Perry or the B E Peas AT ALLLLLLLLL. It feels so good to hear you say it too.

    • I always have to know what’s going on in the Top 40 world and like you, I can usually find some things that I like (not even really “guilty pleasures” because I don’t even try to hide it!), but lately, it’s been junk upon junk upon SHIT. :( Katy Perry was at Warped Tour three years ago (wtf, right?). I walked past the stage as she was performing and it was AWFUL. That girl canNOT sing live. In fact, I’m surprised some of her songs were even cleared for radio.

  3. He looks like my father in law. No shit.

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