Jul 202011

I dragged Henry and Chooch to the Reptile Expo at the Washington County Fairgrounds (worst fairgrounds ever) on Saturday specifically to search for a Pacman frog. I’ve had two in the past (RIP Hubert & Gustav) and have felt the urge to mother a new one. They used to be available in local pet shops but I hadn’t seen any in awhile.

As soon as I saw this one, I knew he was mine. The neon blue dart frogs didn’t have SHIT on this guy. I paid the guy and we left after being there for only 15 minutes. Poor Janna, she drove all the way out there to meet us only for me to say, “OK, got ’em! See you!” And in the parking lot, Chooch decided for everyone that he was going to go home with Janna, so I was like, “Have fun, guys!” and Henry and I quickly left the parking lot before Janna or Chooch changed their minds.

Later that day, we went to Petsmart to get some accoutrements for FRANCIS!’s new abode (which would be much more pimped out if Henry hadn’t vetoed 99.9% of what I wanted to buy) and of course they had a Pacman frog for sale there. Same price, but not nearly as majestic as my babe.

Anyway, all that has nothing to do with my new babe, FRANCIS! (That’s how it’s spelled, all caps and an exclamation mark, and said in an angry, hoarse whisper a la Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.) FRANCIS! has been doing well, loving his new digs (as much as I can tell from his stagnant expression), chowing on crickets. Surprisingly, Chooch hasn’t been shoving his hands in the tank like I suspected he might. I think I successfully scared him by telling him about how Hubert (who I used to sneak into high school with me) used to latch on to my fingers, mistaking them for sausage.

FRANCIS! is a real mama’s boy. I think I might take him to work today.

  3 Responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: FRANCIS!”

  1. I’d swear that frog is blinking at me. It’s probably just the cursor being placed over the eye with the name tag popping up. Still, I’m not having any more coffee this morning.

    Cute frog.

  2. I’m anxious to see photos of his habitat. For some reason, I’m envisioning a street scene complete with homies

  3. Impressive picture of FRANCIS!’ eye. I love frogs but the Husband is really afraid of reptiles and slimy, slithery things. All the more reason for me to want one. I’ve been nice so far but one of these days he is coming home to a snake in our bed, I swear it.

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