Jul 282008

This is the banner for the Etsy fundraiser I posted about on Saturday. I love how my Lizzie Borden Christmas card is nestled so warmly among such cute and cuddly items. It kind of made my day a little.

  9 Responses to “Etsy Fundraiser”

  1. sweet!!! right next to puppies and dolls.

    how apropos.

    yours is the coolest!!!!!

  2. ohmagawds
    I just came here to leave a comment about that card. I just saw it on your etsy and it made me laaaaaaaugh. As soon as this stupid paypal transfer clears, I am buying that.

    also, I realize I am a shitty commenter, and I doubt you care. But I am still reading.. and watching..



  3. I’m glad SOMEONE thinks so! Haha I haven’t sold shit through etsy. Goddammit.

    Hey, if you tell me the dimensions you want, and idea of what you’re looking for, we can def cut a deal. I’m no artist, I have no integrity, and I love money and sales.

    Just keep that in mind

    • I’m not just saying that, either! I really like the paintings.

      What about something like an 8×10 of Craig Owens from Chiodos? I have a million pictures and paintings of Robert Smith but I need one of my beloved Craigery!

  4. I’ll start a mockup for you, pronto!

    any particular colours you want used?

  5. okay and price wise I normally charge $140 for custom 8×10’s


    how about we make it an even $100, and shipping will be on me? If that’s still a bit much then let me know

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