Sep 132011

Me: “I said to myself, ‘I’ll just watch one episode of The Lying Game and then go for a walk,’ but the next thing I knew, I was halfway into the third episode. That show is so good.”

Henry: “Wow. Your life is just so full.”


I know I should be spending my newly child-free days doing productive things while Chooch is in school, and perhaps one day that will happen. But right now, I’m having fun doing, well, nothing.  And to celebrate that theme, here are three pictures from my Epic Double Amusement Park OMG So Much Fun Day that I had on Saturday, because I just don’t feel like doing the whole “word” thing right now. Maybe tomorrow—I don’t think I’ll have any tween shows to catch up on tomorrow.

Speaking of free time, since I’ve got it by the DD-cups, if there’s anything you ever wanted to know, wish I wrote more about, etc etc, feel free to fire away. Even if you’re a lurking hater who’s been dying to hate. The stage is yours. And now, I’m going to take a walk around the neighborhood and pray no one recognizes me as that asshole who posted their picture on the Internet. And also? This might be one of the last days to lather up in  suntan oil.

I’m going to miss that smell.

I’m going to miss summer.

(But Henry is definitely not going to miss suntan grease smeared all over the steering wheel.)

  8 Responses to “Clutching Summer.”

  1. Enjoy your child free days. If a girl wants to watch… well, whatever she wants! It’s her prerogative. Screw guilt. It’s a useless emotion. :-)

  2. My son Darrin (if you can imagine Chooch at 19, that’s him) pointed out that you don’t need SUN to use Suntan Oil. You’re Welcome.

  3. I like the Henry interviews!

  4. You take better pictures with your PHONE than I take with my camera. :(

    As for what I want to see….more stories about when you and Henry first started dating!

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