Oct 292011

Today is Barb’s birthday! Happy birthday, Barb!

Something you should know about Barb is that she sometimes cannot tell the difference between giraffes and zebras and that she thinks Bill Paxton is the worst actor of all time. She lost a hockey bet last year at work and her punishment was using a picture of Bill as her desktop wallpaper.

Because I can’t ever not be a dick to the people I like best, I made her a birthday card.



I’m sure she will cherish it forever. I mean, she better.

  3 Responses to “Barb’s Birthday Card”

  1. I love Bill Paxton *sniff*

    He’s actually a cornerstone of my personal religion, “The Church of Bill,” in which I sort of worship Bill’s Murray and Paxton (who are less than gods but more than men). How can you not love him after his “Ultimate Bad-ass” speech in Aliens?! I’m going to put a peanut on his alter and say a prayer for Barb.

    Righteous card, nonetheless :)

    • I don’t mind him at all! But she just can’t be reasoned with. It’s pretty funny!

      My favorite Bill is Bill Pullman. I had a pretty unhealthy crush on him as a teenager. I think it started with Casper. Other girls my age were going nuts over Devon Sawa (who played Casper as a human), but there I was, drooling over the dad. Typical.

  2. Oh… this card is amazing!!!

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