Aug 112008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 22:20 What I Miss Most About LiveJournal: having comment parties with all my fake journals. #
  • 23:52 Am not a fan of 8-9-08. #
  • 23:57 The Olympics never fail to make me hate humanity. On the bright side, it forces me to continually best my repertoire of heckles. #
  • 11:11 Today, I will catch flies in my mouth. #
  • 12:40 I want to get a WorxGT and manicure all the yards in my ‘hood. The head tilts a full NINETY DEGREES. This is my new dream. #
  • 12:41 Then I’ll come home and use it to give Henry’s flesh some precision edging. #

  • 15:56 One of those wisdom nuggets from Henry: Trust comes with trust. WOW. #
  • 17:08 I wonder at what moment Henry decided he wanted to look like a child molestor. #
  • 18:27 For the first time in twelve years, I am inside a Pizza Hut. #
  • 18:42 Just got yelled at for putting egg morsels in henrys iced tea. Then he tossed some on my crotch. #
  • 18:54 Trying to convince henry and blake that manorexic and boylimic are real terms. A non-success. #
  • 22:23 Trying to arrange a picnic in the park for Henry and Greg Louganis. #
  • 23:07 One should not jump rope while juiced on Zinfindel and flipflop-clad. #
  • 10:02 About to trade in Chooch’s toys for passels of pennies, since that seems to be all he wants to play with anyway. #

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  6 Responses to “Teenage-y Tweets”

  1. 18:54 Trying to convince henry and blake that manorexic and boylimic are real terms. A non-success.


    aw, i miss those comment parties too.

  2. i got the card! and thanks for the lovely note. Sorry the mockup is taking so long… i had such a fucked up past week and just… ugh.

    sorry D:

    The card is even cooler in person! I love it!
    your mockup will be done super soon I promise :D

    • I’m glad you like the card, but sorry you had a fucked up week. Are you OK? :(

      No worries on the mockup! Take your time. :)

      • I’m… okayish XD Boy troubles, you know how it goes.

        Your letter really cheered me up though, to be honest. Hahaha, fucking Ryan. And every time I read “3. Johnnycakes” I laugh. hehehe Johnnycakes.

        Speaking of that fat piece of shit, did you see his video?

        hahaha I love how he tries so goddamn hard. Anyone who’s seen 2 minutes of any John Waters movie can see the ripoffs. I really want to know who he thinks he is. Seriously.

        I had other orders come in exactly the same time yours did but I didn’t get to it right away (it’s just about done) because I figure you being unemployed, you would rather spend your money later rather than sooner.
        Oh and Craig Owens’ tattoos were taking me a while haha. But that guy is delicious, so I don’t mind.

        It’s a labour of love ;)

        • OMG. That video. I’m speechless.

          A painting of Craig Owens is worth going a few days without food, for sure! I already alerted Henry that I’ll still be buying it, and he just rolled his eyes. This is the only kind of stuff I ever splurge on!

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