Aug 182008

Remember in June, when I failed to buy you a birthday gift? And then later that month when I didn’t even get a Father’s Day card for Chooch to sign? WELL, HERE IS HOW I’M MAKING IT UP TO YOU.


I am going to buy myself this delightful apron. Which means I will be doing more of that cooking activity to give myself a reason to wear it. Whip up some jello salad, trays of deviled eggs, Baked Alaska. Probably I will just wear it while watching TV. Maybe I’ll stand up a few times and do some twirly spins. Some curtsies. Jump rope. Maybe I’ll wear some high heels and bright red lipstick, walk up and down the street and get PAID ya’ll.

Henry, you’re probably asking yourself “How is that a gift for ME?”  Because YOU get to wear it too!

Perdoozy sells these on Etsy, and she takes custom orders too. If I don’t wind up going with this one, plan on me being aproned in custom weener fabric.

Now I have to get a cookbook thingie.

  7 Responses to “Dear Henry…”

  1. well- that’s definitely the prettiest apron i’ve ever seen.

    now you’ll look even prettier when you almost cook.

  2. That Henry is a lucky fella. I love aprons. If you put one on and spray cinnamon air freshener around, people who come over get a wrong idea in their heads about the depth of your loveliness. :)
    I tried making my own apron once, and wound up having a major I Love Lucy moment. I had no idea I could be THAT bad at something.

  3. That’s the kind of apron meant to be worn without other clothing. THERE’S Henry’s gift.

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