Apr 232012

Monster cupcakes decorated by me, Christina and Christina’s sister Cynthia.

Chooch’s 6th birthday party was last night and it was a lot of fun*. However, the mom in me has been all nostalgic today; it seems like just last year we were trhowing him a 1st birthday blowout at my mom’s house, but then I think of how much things have changed since then, how I don’t even talk to my mom anymore, or my aunt Sharon, and how I’m always trying to overcompensate for this loss of family by trying to lure as many people as possible to my kid’s parties.

(*Unless you’re breaking bones, and then it might be a pretty shitty time.)

Not only was my mom at his 1st birthday, but it was at her house and she even helped me plan it. I spent my break at work today looking at pictures from that day and feeling bittersweet, but mostly happy because that was such a good day.

And I had a tutu.

And Christina was there. She has missed his last 4 parties because of our utter inability to iron shit out between us. Even though she wasn’t at his party last night, just knowing she’s back was enough for both me and Chooch. (Plus, she bought him shit when she was visiting last weekend, so that’s definitely good enough for Chooch. He is very easily won over with tangible tokens of love, just like his mother.)

My friend Bill baked Chooch’s personal  cake and then Kara decorated it in the likeness of the party invitations I made, while I breathed down her back and made idle threats.


Chooch has always been kind of a big deal. I love that kid.

Big shout out to everyone else out there who loves him too. Thank you for making him feel special.


  7 Responses to “Chooch’s 1st Birthday Party Flashback”

  1. Thinking of that 1st birthday really IS bittersweet… I can’t believe how much Chooch has grown.
    How much maybe we all have? <3

  2. love the cupcakes!!

    such cute pictures… chooch is a doll… and henry looks pretty good too, even if he is imitating the village people :)

  3. oh! and…


  4. Cute cupcakes! You know, even with all the shit between Henry and you, you guys made a pretty adorable little dude. Happy 6th birthday, Chooch!

  5. AWWWW! Baby Chooch looks just like Big Kid Chooch, but with less hair and more cake. And Young Henry looks just like Old Henry, but with less facial hair.

    Is that your pink tutu there? Sassy!

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