Oct 302012


Aladdin Glenn, Lizzie Borden Glenn, Garden Gnome Glenn, Wolf Glenn, Dios de los Muertos Glenn, Bob Ross Glenn

I have the day off tomorrow, so there will still be one more post for the last few Glenn stragglers on Thursday, but I don’t think there are many more that I haven’t photographed already. I was really disappointed that I didn’t get much free time tonight at work to knock out some more.

Priorities. I gots ’em.

But mostly, this is it. The Last of the Glennhicans.


More Cowbell Glenn (requested by my friend Chris who doesn’t work with me but has greatly delighted my co-workers with this one!), Tippi Hedren/The Birds Glenn, Monopoly Banker Glenn, Miss Piggy Glenn, Charles Manson Glenn, Walmart Greeter Glenn


Mama Cass Glenn, Magnum P.I. Glenn, Conan Glenn, Astronaut Glenn, Marie Antoinette Glenn (this one was a gigantic bomb), The Shining Glenn


Candy Striper Glenn, Just Married Glenn, Octomom Glenn, King Kong Glenn (for Tyler, one of the envied Law Firm escapees), Dorothy Glenn, Malibu Glenn (for Heather)


The Beatles Glenn, Glenny Appleseed, Shark Attack Glenn

There are only a handful left in the big giant Glenn dispenser for people to pick tomorrow. I’m sad I won’t be there! But then I remember it’s work, and suddenly I’m OK with having the day off.

  5 Responses to “Penultimate Glenns”

  1. I wish I had a Glenn.

  2. These make me happy.Glenn is so lucky!And no doubt he agrees. Right?

  3. omg Bob Ross Glenn! That one makes me so happy. I’m sort of jealous you have the day off, but almost everyone in my office dressed up, so we’re having a heyday.

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