Oct 292007

There is this girl that I absolutely abhor. She attempted to sabotage Henry’s relationship with his sons a few years ago, simply because she hates me. Yes, she hates me, yet she goes after Henry’s jugular.

We used to be friends many, many years ago. Even then, she was a pathetic sack of wasted flesh, constantly stirring up stews of bad feelings and lies. I cut her out of my life six years ago, yet she still rears her ugly, fat, manly head every now and then.

Like last spring, when she and Henry’s ex (her current BFF, oooh what a shocking coincidence) stalked my house, writing childish jibberish on my sidewalk and blowing car horns.

Had me shaking in my boots, I’ll tell you.

I have yet to actually have a face-to-face encounter with this sickening broad. However, today Henry’s sister, who used to be acquainted with this bitch years ago, had to get blood drawn and it just so happens that she was sent to the clinic where this broad is a phlebotomist.

Henry’s sister said that this girl immediately recognized her and left her sitting in the waiting room for a long time.

"Did Kelly cuss her out?" I asked Henry, salivating at the thought that someone finally had a chance to pull back this bitch’s hanging curtains of fat and rip her a new asshole.

"No, she said hello and then got her blood drawn. She said she didn’t want her to get pissed off and use a rusty needle. Ha-ha."

Ha-ha? No ha-ha! I was pissed! I would have been like, "Hey cunt, what the fuck is up with what you did to my brother?" I’d have fucking yelled in her fat fucking face and then taken my vein somewhere else.

But no, Kelly instead panders to this sociopath’s ego and bids her a friendly hello and then rolls up her sleeve. Crazy Asshole gets off scot-free once again! That bitch needs a heaping spoonful of ego-loss.

Does no one understand "loyalty" anymore?

Say it don't spray it.

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