Dec 272011

We went back to Union Dale yesterday, this time with a fully charged camera battery (apparently our spare is dead forever) and I had a moderate level of success this time.

I was still a big pouty bitch and yelled at Henry a lot because obviously it’s his fault that I am an amateur photographer. (Blame Henry 2012 pins coming soon!

) I am mostly satisfied with the results and now willing to admit that perhaps I need the Xanax hookup.

  7 Responses to “Cemetery Picnic (minus the picnic), Take 2”

  1. These shots are stunning! :)

  2. Youre an evil genius!!!

  3. They look awesome. And that doll is creepy as fuck. =o

  4. Erin just love the face shot pic!

  5. Love the first photo.

    Chooch reminds me a bit of me when I was that sort of age.

  6. I love these!!!! :) Chooch is so cute.

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