Jan 282012

The other day, I gave you the opportunity to shoot some questions at Henry. Facebook really came through with some good ones, so this is going to have to be split into parts, otherwise Henry will flip out about having to talk to me for me too long. So here are the first 5 questions!

Misty’s question is threefold: I want to know who he thinks is the hottest on Jersey Shore: Mike, Vinny, or Pauly D.

Henry, no hesitation: Pauly D.

Also, does he have any strange fears nobody knows about? (balloons, hair brush hair etc.) He probably won’t tell you but you never know.

Henry, making all kinds of confused and constipated faces: Strange fears? I don’t know! Getting cut by metal scares me.

[Pretty sure we covered that already at some point, so good job Henry.]

And also, If he could retire today and spend his life doing manly man activities what would he choose to do?

Henry: Manly man activities? Do you have to go with me?

Erin: Maybe to watch.

Henry, tapping his fingers and then getting distracted by Friends.

[Now we are both distracted by Friends.]

Henry, 2 hours later: I don’t know. I think I would travel and maybe go fishing.

Erin: Fishing for a new girl to not-propose to?

Henry: Sure.

My old school* bud Liz asks: I’d love to hear Henry wax poetic on the Kardashian clan. Who is his fave?

*(Not “old school” in the sense that she slinks around in Adidas tracksuits and Kangol hats with a boombox on her shoulder, but in that I’ve known her since 6th grade.)

Henry, with a crinkled nose and agitated squeal to his tone: I don’t know! I don’t even like the Kardashians! None of them!

[But he’d sure bang any of them in a pinch.]

Terry from Twitter has a burning curiosity: Name two things you love and two things you hate about @ohhonestlyerin?

Henry, using the aid of a toothpick to think: Why does it have to be TWO things I love? [Staring at me for several icy seconds with hate and disdain]

[Still thinking and staring miserably into his grim future. This is obviously a Very Hard One.]

Henry, realizing the faster he answers, the faster it’s over: Two things I love would be sense of humor & sex.

[Fantastic, now everyone knows my Virgin Mary qualities are bogus.]

Henry, on a roll now: Two things I hate are her semi-self-centeredness [Lies.] and that voice she just used.

[I don’t like this game anymore.]

Andrea and Alyson could both kill to know more about the now-infamous Ted Nugent concert.

Answers are in video-form!

Bill of Funny Accent Land inquires: I would like to know which episode of Degrassi is Henry’s favorite.

Henry, laughing in disgust: I don’t HAVE any favorite episodes.

Erin: Not even the one where Paige gets raped by the frat boy? Is that what they’re called in Canada?

Henry: What? Which one is that?

Erin: Well, it’s the one where Paige gets raped by the frat boy.

Henry, pretending like he remembers: Oh. No. I don’t know, I never pay attention to it!

Erin: Then why did you cry when Jimmy got capped?!

Henry: I did not cry.
More answers later!

It’s amazing he answered any at all after I fake-broke up with him Friday morning and caused him all kinds of duress.

  14 Responses to “Henry Speaks Out”

  1. haha. poor Henry.

  2. CRYING.

    I feel a bit led on by this implication of a wheelchair at the Nuge show. He SAID there was a wheelchair there and now there isn’t?

    And why did he push someone off the rail? Was he in a bad mood? Was she blocking his view of the Nuge?

    He sooooo took a girl to that show. I CAN TELL.

  3. AHahahahah! OMG. Why is my boyfriend NOT as funny as Henry? Or not nearly as entertaining?

  4. Great interview babes. I feel like a fly caught on those traps with sticky tape! You know the ones hanging from country porch ceilings. Your writing puts me in the room feeling so many senses. Keep going I’m loving it & couldn’t think of a better blog to follow.
    Great job Henry and with no pressure sweep her off her feet. Make her feel more loved than any girl in the world!!! ;) Purpose with the biggest ruby in Pennsylvania! I will help anyway I can. <3 you three.

  5. I’m so glad you added video! He looks like he likes being interviewed. And I’m glad he didn’t say “The situation” cause that would be just…..ew. I’m glad he answered all my questions because now I will never have to wonder again!

  6. I’m still wondering why he was at a ted nugent concert to start with?
    I do love the Henry videos…and I keep forgetting to ask him if you and I sound as much alike in real life as I think we do

  7. Pahaha! I love Henry-harassing!

  8. Haha – I only don’t rock an Adidas track suit because I don’t have one!! And I can’t believe Henry denies having an opinion on the Kardashians. I bet he DVRs Kourtney & Kim take New York when you’re not home!

  9. I think we should revisit the Kardashian topic with Henry. There’s no way on this planet he has not considered them or at the very least what his “K”name would be if he was a sister.

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