Feb 082012


I couldn’t stop making this face on Sunday. I think the very idea of the Superbowl was electrocuting my facial muscles.


I STILL HAVE NO INTERNET! I have shit to do, Comcast, you fucks.

  2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Stroke Smile”

  1. Not having internet is tough, I didn’t have my computer all week til today. That was not fun. Love the stroke smile. You look like a few of the people I know right now who have Bell’s palsy. I’m all freaked out I’m going to get it.

    • It’s so frustrating! And Comcast keeps dicking around and playing stupid. They offered us a free month but I just want my Internet!! Dealing with Etsy and blog bullshit from an iPhone is tedious.

      Bells Palsy is scary. :(

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