Mar 302012


Carey and I have bets at work sometimes to help the night go faster. It’s usually over/under type wagers, like what time we think we will get out of there.

Because I’m the best, I always win. (Except for the one time Carey cheated.) So far, my winnings have encompassed: a box of K-Cups, an issue of Southern Living (with a post-it that said “Because when I think of Southern Living, I think of Erin”), a package of Peeps, and a gumball-shitting chicken which is perpetually empty because Lee can’t stop playing with it.

But this creepy stress doll is my favorite prize of them all. One of my co-workers just won a Rabbit wine bottle opener, and SHE was like, “I would rather have YOUR prize, Erin” because it is universally awesome. And it fits right in with all the other weird shit on my desk.

(Carey wants everyone to know that this wasn’t acquired from a very large drawer of sex toys.)

In other news: JUST BOUGHT MY WARPED TOUR TICKET AT EXACTLY 10AM WHEN THE PRE-SALE STARTED! Here’s a bet: that I was the oldest person who was hovering over the computer, waiting to buy a Warped Tour ticket for herself and not her child.

Pierce the Veil is going to be there again! And the Used! And Sleeping with Sirens and Of Mice & Men and Taking Back Sunday and a good 14 other bands that make me remember I have a heart! Oh, I could just die.

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