Apr 092012


Today is Chooch’s last day of Easter break so we went outside under the pretenses of doing “normal” child activities.


Writing inoffensive slogans with sidewalk chalk kept Chooch busy for approximately 5 minutes.



And then we played with what I hoped would be Thingie Ball 2012, but it is sadly a cheap imitation of my beloved Thingie Ball set from 2010, which I have been unable to find in Target ever since.

We gave up after I screamed, “THIS SUCKS, I HATE IT & NEVER WANT TO PLAY AGAIN!” Chooch was like, “God, calm down Mommy. We’re outside where people can see AND hear you.”



Finally, Chooch could contain himself no longer and we spent the rest of our time outside playing zombies.



Flexible Zombie.


Then the FedEx guy came to deliver a package for our neighbor, which made Chooch cry REAL TEARS because I NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FOR HIM, WAAAAH.

Guess what, kid—Mommy likes getting mail too, so GET IN LINE.

  4 Responses to “Daylight Zombie”

  1. I love this pictures! He is so big!!!

  2. Aw, Chooch is an uber-cutie!

    I could totally see our kids playing zombies together while everyone else’s kids are playing kickball or somesuch. Chooch and Nature Boy would scare away the neighborhood kids with threats of brain-eating.

    Which would suit me just fine, since kids get on my nerves a lot.

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