Apr 122012

Fuck. Xiu Xiu has been one of my favorite bands for the last 8 years, and still remains one of the all-time best shows I’ve ever been to, but their new album has totally taken them to a new level in my heart. Jamie’s voice is what the murmuring in my head sounds like, in case you ever wanted to know.

I wish he was laying next to me, whispering Urban Dictionary entries and autopsy reports to me every night as I drift off to sleep, I fucking love him so much and maybe I have had too much coffee already today or likely am beginning to ascend the roller coaster hill to Ultra Mania, but I can’t stop laughing all guttural and sinister-like.

Also, I think this is a sign that I need to start eating apples like Jamie Stewart. He obviously wanted me to see this video so that I’ll know I’ve been doing it ALL WRONG.

I make mp3 CDs when I’m feeling this manic and have already been mapping out a springtime track list in my head.

If you’d like a copy, say so! I like mailing things. (Read: I like giving things to Henry to mail.


ETA: Here is a picture of Henry’s reaction when I made him listen to “I Luv Abortion.”


  6 Responses to “OMG XIU XIU”

  1. wtf. why do i feel like you directed this video???

  2. I hear a Cure influence in their sound. My favorite part of this video was when they shoved the recycling bin across the street. Just like my work!

  3. I can’t lie…I kinda like this.

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