Apr 262012


Chooch constructed a model of Jonny Craig out of Legos and then what appears to be a stage with an audience.

“I put Daddy under here so he’s stuck and now he has to listen to Jonny Craig forever.”

Fuck, did I derive so much glee from that.

I love the cap of ginger atop Jonny’s broad Lego dome.

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In other news, Craig Owens is back with Chiodos, wtf.

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Even though he is my nemesis now, I’m still beyond stoked and was all overheated at work after I found out.

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My friends at Alternative Press even had the smarts to check in with me to make sure I was still breathing after the news was twitter-bombed.

In other-other news, Chooch is getting his tonsils out on July 2nd. :(

  7 Responses to “Even Lego Henry Gets Tortured”

  1. Oh man Henry is going to have his hands full the older Riley gets and the pranks you guys can actually play on him.

    But poor guy on the tonsils.

  2. I know how excited you are about Craig! I am glad they had the wisdom to xheck on you ;) I love Chooch’s legos. It is sad about his tonsils. He is really gonna hate being six now.

    • I would be even more excited if he and I hadn’t had that bizarre exchange.

      I’m doing all the freaking out for Chooch. I’m so worried about it, but if it ultimately helps him breathe better and HEAR, then I’m all for it.


  3. Maybe you can tell him they’re cutting off his tonsils so he can be five again?

    Seriously though, that sucks. :(

    • Good reasoning!

      It does suck, but he has been getting so many ear infections to the point where he has a hard time hearing, and sometimes it sounds like he’s suffocating at night. Hopefully all that will improve afterward!

  4. Poor little (creative) guy! Why does he have to wait so long to get his tonsils out? “I’m sorry, ma’am. You need a triple bypass. I think I can pencil you in on March 26th, 2014.”

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