Sep 172008

A few weeks ago, I came across this awesome beetle ring from 19Moons on Etsy. I’m a connoisseur of big, gaudy rings and HAD.TO.HAVE.IT, so I started hounding Christina to buy it for me.

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Imagine my surprise when it appeared between my doors the same day Christina finally ordered it. At first I thought Christina was so afraid my wrath would incinerate several boroughs that she paid an extra grand to have it shipped via rocket; but then I realized that the seller, Niffer, lives only a few streets down from me and hand-delivered it. I thought that was so nice, and aside from the ring being even more gorgeous in real life, the packaging was so great, too.

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After exchanging a few convos on Etsy, we met up last night for some greasy diner food and a slice of blueberry pie sandwiched between the strangest, tasteless, compressed crust I’ve ever come across that wasn’t processed in a snack food factory and packaged in cellophane. The filling was nice, though.

Niffer was really cool and on top of having amazing talent for creating unique jewelry (I’m seriously complimented at least twice every time I wear my beetle ring out), she has really great taste in movies. I hope she didn’t think I was lame and that she’ll go to a haunted house with me next month.

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Check out her shop, for real. Her pieces are so much fun, sturdy, and amazingly detailed.

  11 Responses to “Amazing Etsy Artist!”

  1. That is a really glorious ring! No wonder you had to have it! And it’s cool that you got to meet up with the seller, too.

  2. That is pretty neat. Steampunk stuff seems so intricate, like something I would break in about 2 minutes.

    My favorite seller (besides you of course) is housethatcrowbuilt. I have so many of Wendy’s necklaces it is probably starting to get a bit excessive.

    <3 etsy.
    (your paintings are hanging on the wall in our living room!)

    • I have housethatcrowbuilt hearted on Etsy, but I’ve never bought anything from her yet. There was one pendant that I was particularly interested in a few months ago, but of course it’s sold.

      I’m really flattered that you like stuff enough to put in your living room!!

    • “I’m really flattered that you like stuff enough to put in your living room!!”

      LOL, that you like MY stuff, that should say. Apparently Henry disabled the option to edit comments, that bastard.

  3. Wow, that stuff really is amazing. Props. And hey, Niffer is also from my neck of the woods!

  4. Yay for steampunk bug jewelry! I’m jealous. And broke.

  5. All i can think is that i hope i don’t leave any antique watch’s laying around lest they be turned into jewelry. Poor watch’s, pretty ring, but poor watch’s.

  6. Ahhhhh, perused her shop and her pieces are so gorgeous! What luck that she lives near you!

  7. probably my best etsy investment so far…

    not only do you get awesome jewelry,
    but also get to meet awesome peeps.

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