Jun 202012


Some stuff on my mantle. That awesome killer klown head protruding from the popcorn box was made my friend Chuck, who had me write some descriptions for his new products, like this one here!


Marcy, thoroughly agitated by my frantic walking challenge nightly house-pacing.


There was a furry and a parking meter with handcuffs behind me.


Self Portrait.


Henry’s on the prowl for kittens again.

  2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: iPhone photo dump”

  1. OMG! Who stole Chooch’s ears?

  2. Ohmigod that clown. Scary as hell. And for real, like Mark said, where are Chooch’s ears? Also, maine coons are badass cats. That’s partly what my cat is (bengal = asian leopard + maine coon). You should stalk the lady’s house and steal the kittens when she’s not looking. That’ll teach her.

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