Aug 012012


My brother Corey sent me this picture yesterday when I was at work and I just lost it. It’s from Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house in 2002, when we were all still skilled at maintaining a shiny familial veneer in front of company. In fact, I think this may have been Henry’s first holiday with my family so I’m sure everyone was on their best behavior and my grandma probably only referenced me being a literary failure three times over the course of the night. (She used to lie to her friends at our tennis club and tell them I was going to Kent State for journalism because she was embarrassed that I was a lowly office manager in real life.


Oh geez, there goes my shoulder chip again!

Anyway, I love this photo because it captures us so well: Henry, looking exhausted, mildly frightened, and certainly sleazy. Me, looking adorable, mildly pouty, and certainly plotting.

I often find it incredibly surreal and hard to believe that we’re still a couple.

We sit closer together now, though.

  4 Responses to “Erin & Henry, 2002”

  1. Old photos are so much fun! You guys are precious

  2. I love this picture but I’m not gonna lie – Henry looks way more child predator then than he does now. That’s a good thing, right?

    • I agree completely!! I HATE HATE HATE when he’s clean-shaven with a moustache. It makes him look so sleazy. I literally won’t talk to him the few times a year he shaves.

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