Aug 052012



This was a nice, low-key weekend which for once consisted of NO FIGHTING! And I mean between Chooch and me. It was nice to relax and be languid instead of being all GO GO GO like I usually am on weekends.

Olympics, horror movies, cemeteries and red velvet milkshakes.

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Yes. That was all I needed.

  6 Responses to “Quads: Chooch & Me”

  1. my original intention was to swing by and tell you how sweet your pictures are. you two are so cute!

    but then…

    then you mentioned RED VELVET milkshakes and my mind was immediately just blown. i LOVE red velvet… and now i read here that you can get it in milkshakes? WHAT? WHERE? holy crap… it’s too early in the morning to be having such feelings in my gut and drool running down my face!

    p.s. the photos of you & chooch are adorable… truly!

    • There’s an ice cream shop down the street from us that has red velvet ice cream, and they’ll make milkshakes out of any of their flavors. It is so good! I had to exercise twice as hard the next day but it was worth it.

      I think Ben & Jerry’s has red velvet, so you could always try and make your own shake!

  2. You are incredibly photogenic and these pictures are DARLING. If you ever come to Utah, I’ll take you to get a cupshake – you pick your cupcake flavor and then they blend it up with vanilla soft serve. They’re delightful!

  3. Hooray for no fighting and cute pics!!!

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