Oct 062008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 12:51 A stationwagon just drove past and Chooch yelled HEARSE. #
  • 13:43 Some lady just asked “omg is that jimmy buffet?” Yeah lady. Playing for 15 ppl at the apple fest in Small Town, PA. #
  • 13:53 twitpic.com/eqtb – Certain this mans dinner will probably be decomposing flesh. #
  • 14:09 We’ve been here for over an hour and there are no masticated apple delicacies lounging in my belly. #
  • 15:03 Looking at cute elderly couples, I wondered if henry & I would last that long, then realized he’ll be dead long before I turn elderly. #
  • 17:42 I hate that my family has never tried to get to know me. Apparently, I’m not a good time-investment. #
  • 18:19 Henrys homemade soups are the chains by which I’m bound to this relationship. He should open a soup kitchen. #  *********
  • 10:40 I’m going to be photographing a local hiphop group because apparently I’m not satisfied until stress causes my brain to smoke. #

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********* I’m not lying. Henry throws a bunch of root vegetables in a pot, makes them fornicate with some barley and vegetable stock, and the next thing you know, the thickest, most comforting October slop is delivered in my very own kitchen. Henry also makes a fabulous pumpkin soup; it’s so delicious that I almost wanted to use it as an enema. Maybe minus the cinnamon croutons, though.

I’m trying to get him to open a soupery. A soupfé. A souptessen. All the desserts would be in soup-form. They could look like their famous soup counterparts, like  French onion, and served in those little pot things with marshmallow melted and draped over the top like cheese. Or clam chodwer could have clams, but they’d be suspended in molten white chocolate and nougat instead, topped with chocolate oyster crackers.  

Will be meeting with a construction team soon.

  3 Responses to “Savory Tweet Soup”

  1. henry does make some tasty soup…
    i really enjoyed his pumpkin soup even though i was frightened of it. you know- being as lame and plain and boring as i am…

    hearse? seriously? lol- i love that kid.

    also- Some lady just asked “omg is that jimmy buffet?” Yeah lady. Playing for 15 ppl at the apple fest in Small Town, PA.

    i love your sarcasm… makes me happy :)

  2. I’m tweet stupid. What is a tweet? How does one tweet? Seriously.

    • One tweets by going to http://twitter.com and signing up. Then you can either send 140 character updates via text, Twitter’s website, or various other applications. You can add people on there so their “tweets” (I actually hate that they’re called that) will come to your phone and make you look popular (lol!). You can reply to people’s tweets on there and essentially have conversations.

      Then, if you want to post them to your blog, you can go to LoudTwitter and arrange for them to be automatically posted.

      I only did it for my own posterity, just so I have them in bundles here on my blog. It’s kind of like microblogging.

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