Sep 052012

Here is some shit from an old notebook-cum-scrapbook from 1996.



I have no memory of a Steve that I loved. If we went to high school together and you know of this Steve who inspired such block-lettered proclamations, please enlighten me. (Or if you ARE Steve, then heyyyyy buddy, hit a bitch up.)


I REALLY liked Bone Thugs n Harmony.


And Luniz. (My mom had 5 on it, apparently.

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Lisa and I pretty much kept the Pleasant Hills Denny’s in business. I ate a lifetime worth of caesar salads there and have absolutely no taste for them now.

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Lisa probably looked so sad because we weren’t currently listening to one of my famous sex song- and rap-laden mix tapes. I get it, Lisa.

God, I simultaneously hate and miss those days.

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Say it don't spray it.

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