Sep 082012


I came home from shopping (and touring my old childhood haunts) with Seri* a little while ago to find that Chooch had made me a paper zombie doll and a little note that said “I <3 u Mom.”

And then he made Henry’s tombstone.


Apparently, Henry died from putting on an electric party hat, which blasted off his glasses and the bottom half of his face. What a way to go.


I am so exhausted you guys. I really want to just lay down and listen to the new Circa Survive album all night, but I have all these things that I need to work on and plan out and for what? It’s not like it’s my job, but then Henry randomly went out and bought new supplies and said, “Hey, look. I want to make those pendants again.” (Yeah. Remember that pendant bullshit?) So now instead of resting like I really should be doing because my body is screaming, “HELLO, IT FEELS LIKE YOU HAVE MONO AGAIN, DUMMY. HOW ABOUT POPPING A FUCKING SQUAT FOR THE NIGHT?” all I can think about is getting together all the pictures I want to use for new pendants.

So, I guess I will just rest when I’m dead.

But I am still going to listen to Circa Survive all night, too. FYI.

(*Seri told me today in the car that she likes Pierce the Veil now and asked me to bring their CDs over when we she makes paper lanterns for the pie party. She can be my best friend now.)

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  1. I came home to about 43 pounds of taffy that the boy caught at the parade. We should eat some of it while making those lanterns. And listening to Pierce the Veil. And Sade. And maybe a little Barry Manilow and Dave Navarro. Also-lay down! You can’t be crafting all night if your supposed to watch me craft tomorrow night you know.:)

  2. Which childhood haunts?!

    Jackie still wears pendants she got from you, so I’m sure you’d have a returning customer!

    • Gillcrest Drive, Blue Flame, Clairton (haha!), Payne Hill – I even showed her Weiss Meats!

      • That’s quite the tour!

      • And Pakistan. Don’t forget Pakistan. They have the best craft stuff, you know.

        • OMG, I thought I was going to have to break out the smelling salts at one point! And by that I mean: buy a candy bar and go outside and eat it while she looked at glassware for 40 minutes.

          • 40 minutes…PUH-Leez. I quite literally (and I wish I was joking) spent THREE HOURS there today. While attempting to manage quite literally (and I wish I was joking) TWO MONSTERS.

            On the drive home, with every orifice thickly glazed over, i realized a new understanding of the unpredictable emotional effects of PTSD. I mean, I made it out alive…but I’ll never quite be the same.

          • She should just go with Henry next time. That guy is always there.

            Me? I run in, grab some canvases and paint, and I’m out. (I might even pay sometimes too.)

  3. Oh good…i neeeeed a pendant.

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