Oct 122008

Even though we’re being graced by an Indian summer and it was nearly eighty degrees yesterday, it was still a perfect day for taking some photos of Blake and Chooch: autumn edition. 

My only intention was to stuff a preppy sweater vest on my small child, dump him in a mound of leaves, and have him behave accordingly for the camera. Except my small child doesn’t behave accordingly for the camera. He doesn’t ever stop moving. So instead I took a thousand photos of Henry’s large child playing in the leaves. Blake managed to wrestle him down for one or two shots at least.

I always keep the animal masks in the trunk of the car, because you just never know when the urge might arise to hold up the corner porn shop as a giraffe.

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But I’ve used them so many times now in photos that I wasn’t planning on utilizing them yesterday. Then I turned around and saw this pint-sized horror stumbling toward me.

It’s almost like the masks were swirling around my face, whispering, “Don’t deny us.” So then I was like, “Ok fine, it doesn’t ever get old.

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Let’s do this shit.”

Christina said, “I like this one because the background looks so happy.” I considered that opinion for a fleeting second and then countered with, “Really?

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Because I feel like a little girl was murdered in that greenhouse in the background, seventy years ago. And that’s why I like it.”

One of the cemetery groundsmen took a time out and perched on a tombstone to watch how this would unravel. It kind of made me have stagefright. Until I remembered that I wasn’t on a stage.

This is actually an improvement upon Christina’s natural look. I bought her that necklace by the way because true friends encourage suicide.

He’s late, obviously.

Blake has cool hair. For a rabbit.

~~All the more.~~

  21 Responses to “Boneyard Romp”

  1. You are so weird. I love it.

  2. i love these. and oddly, was just thinking of the masked photos you take and thought you should find some hot chicks, put them in some sexy lingerie and make them put on a mask.
    while it’s likely been done, it’d still be hot for me to see! :D

    • DUDE that would be really hot. I’d put them in horse masks and have them lounging around in a barn.


      • Oh, that was an episode of something! Psych, Monk, Bones .. maybe a CSI.

        I have still not gotten over the shock of the sickness that are furries, then I saw that episode where men were dressed as horses (well, harnesses and leather) and the women dominatrix had the English riding helmets.

        I was worried when you started talking about the masks that it was going to be too furry for me, but thankfully, they are not … mainly because your models wear normal clothes and not squirrel suits.

        Your mask pictures are always worth looking at!

  3. i look so sexy.
    well done Erin Appledale :D!

  4. Yay, more animal mask shots! :)

    Christina in the bear(?) mask sitting in foreground is the best one; it looks relatively normal at first glance, you don’t see much odd about it until you actually really look at her face behind the hoodie.

  5. I want you to take pictures of roller girls in animal masks…

    That being said. First, I am not creepy. I’ve been looking through your etsy site and your photo print place, and fliker and not seeing a mask photo you posted that I would like to purchase.

    I did a quick look at your tags, and was able to find it.. You posted On May 29th… It’s the one with the caption “Just think, this could have been a sixty-year-old crossdresser in stilettos and fishnets.” Giraffe on train.

    Any way to purchase that one?

    Maybe someday I’ll post about the significance of the Giraffe.. but it’s quite an inside joke (on me) around these parts.


    • I’ve wanted to take pictures of roller girls for some time now but I’m being really shy about it fo some gay reason. My friend Rhonda is a roller girl here in Pittsburgh, I should start hounding her. Lol.

      I would love to see you a photo! It would be on the cheap too, because I’ve never sold a photo before. BUT! The one on the train is a monkey — the giraffe is under that picture. I don’t want to give you something that ends up being wrong. Just let me know!

    • I had that photo sent off to be printed professionally and it arrived today. I will be honest — this is the first time I got around to having one of my Holga photos printed and it looks really cool! I think you will be happy with it. It’s on pearlescent paper which makes it look kind of three dimensional!

      I listed it for you with a discounted price:

      If you don’t still want it, that’s ok!

  6. “pint-sized horror”: FOR REAL!!!!

    you take the most awesome photos…
    even when you’ve got subjects that either won’t stand still for more than .002 seconds or that look like nigbino retarTs.

    no wonder blake is your best model!

    i love these pictures so much. <3

  7. The one with Chooch that has the caption ‘he’s late, obviously’ is great. You need to photoshop a pocketwatch in his hand….or like a giant flava-flav clock.

  8. Chooch’s sweater is like a mini vest version of Freddie Krueger’s!

  9. EE! I love Riley in the pig mask!!!! That so cracked me up! And in the sweater vest! Love!

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