Nov 162007

The first time I met Henry, he was walking out of the break room at work. It was his second week at Weiss Meats and I thought he looked angry and impenetrable, someone who I wouldn’t be able to joke around with like I enjoyed doing with some of the other delivery drivers. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would hand out free smiles and that got under my skin; I was pretty cheerful back then.

My second impression of him was that, in his navy blue coveralls, he resembled Michael Myers. I was out of the country for his first week at Weiss’s, and it makes me laugh to think that his first impression of me was that I was some crazy, weird girl who was currently in Australia, meeting the Cure. Because that’s what all the guys told him. That the office manager was some weird, jet-setting blond (with big boobs) off meeting some “queer” band. I didn’t like him right away, but I’m sure he was obssessed at first sight. (Right Henry?!) Well, now Michael Myers and Weird Busty Blond have a kid together, which makes me laugh even harder. I can’t wait to see how Chooch is going to meet his Weird Busty Blond. (Or Michaels Myers; I’m an equal opportunist kind of mom.)

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