Oct 012012


Chooch found these two pictures in the neighbor’s backyard. The house next to theirs is being cleaned out so I guess that’s where they’re from, but Chooch and I still tried to accuse Henry of going out with the afro’d ginger in the picture.



I painted this picture frame for Chooch’s paper zombie while marching in place. Law Firm Walking Challenge stops for no crafts.


My Castle Blood friend Dawn makes these old-timey pumpkin pins and sells them in the Castle Blood gift shop. She also has owls and monsters – it was really hard to choose!


Went walking through a downpour in the cemetery yesterday, beneath a broken, hole-ridden umbrella. Of course I blamed Henry.


Chooch stayed home sick today. He’s much better than he was yesterday, but not well enough for school. I fed him a healthy dose of The Walking Dead, and even Marcy tolerated him. (That’s how you know he’s sick—his subdued demeanor keeps Marcy in the same room.)

Right now I’m on the trolley, going to work. It’s eerily quiet. (There are still about 6 more stops before mine so I probably jinxed myself.)

  3 Responses to “Hey Monday, Pictures Are All I’ve Got”

  1. I see pictures of your Marcy … I think of my Tabby … and I cry :(

  2. I hope Chooch starts feeling better soon!

    Love the cemetery shot

  3. I stayed home sick Monday too! Hope Chooch is feeling better!

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