Oct 062012


We have really been scoring at the thrift stores lately. Last week, Henry found an elephant table and sent me a picture of it. I was in a meeting at the time though, and by the time I got back to him to say, “Fuck yeah, I want that!” he had already left.

So I made him go back. You can’t pass up a goddamn elephant table, Jesus Christ.

The original table featured an elephant-colored elephant, which is fine for some, but I knew that if that table was ever going to belong in my house, it would have to be pink. So we pinked the fuck out of it and now have the best accent table of all time, which will be perfect in the clown room of my imaginary house.

In other news, paper mâché sucks. But I said I was going to do this, so now I must see it through.

  7 Responses to “Pink Elephant in the Room”

  1. wow! that turned out fantastic!

  2. How do you keep finding this stuff?! The thrift stores around here have old lingerie and candlesticks.

  3. Holy crap. That’s the best table ever.

  4. I LOVE IT! It’s freaking perfect.

  5. Stfu! Awesome. We must use it at your “please buy my pendants” party.

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