Nov 172007

You know how
People will write about
How they got
their heart
broken by some prat in
         the 8th grade
whose eyes were
too CLOSE together
and maybe he had athlete’s foot a lot
and then

they might
     Say something about how
their dad used to rape
  their mother
every Friday night
and they could hear it
from the other side of the
bed posts      and
they secretly kind of
liked hearing it


it would RAIN really hard
on days when the sky was
blue and
what, was God playing games?
Like when he took away
the family dog

and then
just because they
basically have written
a paragraph
detailing the saga
they call L.i.f.e
and s p l i t up the sentences
into artful little stanzas,
they call it a


Say it don't spray it.

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