Dec 052012


My friend Evonne and I went out to the Quaker Cemetery in Perryopolis Sunday evening. One of the many cool things about Evonne is that she is sensitive to things like spirits, but she doesn’t exploit it like some cheap fortune teller. She has an arsenal of stories to tell about this subject too.

Anyway, I had been wanting to revisit this place for awhile, and Evonne had never been, so we braved the cold rain and the 45 minute drive. I was a complete chicken shit the whole time — would you LOOK at that building!? — but Evonne was all, “No, I’m not feeling anything here.”

Although she did admit that her head hurt every time we went inside the stone building. THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!

We went back to her car and did a quick session with the Psychic Circle, which informed that there were in fact spirits in that location, they were evil (but not demons), but that we were safe. Evonne asked the Circle if we would get to experience there that night, and it said no.

She asked me if I wanted to go back in one last time before we left, but the Circle pretty much answered that for me. Evil spirits? No thanks!

Oh my god, it was so gloomy there that night. And of course, now I’m sick.

  7 Responses to “Quaker Cemetery: Revisited”

  1. I’m all for spirits, just as long as they don’t try to either take my soul or take possession of my physical self. I am pretty selfish when it comes to my person.

  2. Free Will! Exercise it. We’ll find another even scarier place to visit! Loved hanging out with you Erin. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hugs!

  3. spirits can’t take possess you if you don’t let them… but you might think it sounds fun one day. don’t. just don’t. i’m sorry you are sick. :(

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