Nov 042008

I hope you all vote today! If I can vote with a pernicious toddler in my company, anyone can. Pretend you’re ordering a custom peep-show if that’s what it takes to get you to leave the house and touch a screen.

JUST GO VOTE. (And ignore the people who try to belittle you and take away the integrity & validity of your decision. Like my mother, who inundates me with crude anti-Obama texts and spams strangers via MySpace bulletins and isn’t even registered to vote. And my co-workers, who openly opine that anyone who disagrees with their opinion is a retard.)

  9 Responses to “PSA”

  1. Pah. If she’s anti-Obama, it’s for the best she’s unregistered.

    • Seriously. I don’t care who you’re for, as long as the reason behind it is educated. She’s basing everything she knows off what she reads on MySpace. I’m not lying. MySpace.

  2. i’m so sick of these ignorant racists and bigots, too.

    kudos to you for standing up for what you believe in despite people trying to make you feel shitty about it. <3

  3. If I may be precious for a sec… I’m an Obama Mama!


  4. Voted. And for neither D’s or R’s because they have too much power. And I voted in favor of gay marriage. It was one of the most important things on my ballot.

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