Feb 012013


Not to be one of those moms who totally brag about their kids, but OMG I have to brag about how well Chooch has been doing in school. 4.0, bitches! He’s been getting a 100% in spelling and grammar on every report card, which has me incredibly relieved because hello, you know who his father is, right? The Dunce of Two To Too Your/You’re Street. (I can’t wait to see how many typos I make in this post now after I wrote that.)

He is really proficient at reading and, since he has a Kindle Fire now, I thought it would be pretty fun to set up an email address for him so he can write back and forth with some of our friends. It has been a huge source of amusement for me so far. Naturally, Chooch’s responses are hyper-succinct, almost Henry-esque in their abruptness. But, he is 6 after all. And I’ve watched him type before. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to go anywhere beyond “I’m good thanks. Love Riley.”

Andrea was smart and sent him a picture of her cat Vince, and he wouldn’t stop talking about that when he and Henry picked me up from work last night. He replied and told her that he wants her to visit “on March.” He says that about months. It’s always “on” a month. Never “in.”

He replied to Jessa something to the effect of, “MY MOM TOLD ME YOU HAVE CATS. SEND ME PICTURES.” He knows to use all caps when making demands.

I gave him Janna’s email address and he immediately sent her an email saying “When can I come over your house?” So they went back and forth about this, with Janna telling him he’s welcome anytime, but that she should talk about it with me first. He didn’t like that, so he emailed back, “How about Sat Feb 1?”

I guess he’s not THAT smart, because Saturday is February SECOND. God, Chooch. Learn to use the stupid cat calendar Dumb Daddy got you for Christmas.

Janna and I were texting each other about this, and I said to me, “Janna wants to know if you want to go over her house on Sunday” and he said, “What the hell, you’re talking about me behind my back!?”

He hasn’t replied to me at all today. And I even sent him a precious picture of me and Marcy watching “Homeland”!

  5 Responses to “Chooch Has Email”

  1. how cool is that! i tried to get the twin grandgirls interested in email, set them up an account even. but that didn’t work out so well….

    you go Chooch!!

  2. I loved this line ” (I can’t wait to see how many typos I make in this post now after I wrote that.)” I think 85% of my comments involve me quoting something genius that you wrote. Although, I haven’t commented in awhile because I am a bad blogger friend. I think with Chooch’s new email he’s on his way of following in mom’s shoes. Do I see a Chooch blog in his future? BTW, I dig the tee shirt he’s wearing in that pic.

  3. I need to go through my postcard hoard and start sending him anonymous cat cards.

  4. I love his replies. <3. How does Marcy like homeland, btw?

  5. ^^@Brandy… WHOA! A Chooch blog! That would be amazing! And mostly about cats, but still, totally entertaining.

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