Apr 242013

I’ve mentioned numerous times ’round these parts that Chooch’s favorite horror movie is “Ju-On,” but it is impossible to get him to understand that the dead lady in the movie is not actually named “Ju-On.” So we will be walking through the cemetery or just down the street to school and he will say things like, “What if Ju-On is hiding behind that bush!?” and today it was, “What if I found out  you’re not really my mom, but that JU-ON is?!” (Granted this was in retaliation to me trying to convince him that tomorrow isn’t actually his birthday because he’s a robot & robots don’t have birthdays, they have manufacture dates. Don’t worry, I stopped once he started to cry.)

Anyway, I thought it would be fantastic to have the magical seamstress extraordinaire, Maya, make him a Ju-On doll for his birthday. I wasn’t sure if this was possible, but holy shit did Maya make it possible!





Chooch is going to shit his pants. Thank you so much, Maya!!








  One Response to “Chooch’s Ju-On”

  1. That is AWESOME.

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