May 082013

Taking a little break from “writing” to post some pictures that have been hibernating on my phone. You know the drill.


My awesome friend Kendahl made me this mixtape blanket and it is AMAZING. It’s soft and warm and perfect for my freezing cold office-thing at work. I love it!!


I can’t remember if this was already posted. But this was after HENRY HUNG UP ON ME a few weeks ago. REALLY, HENRY?! In full disclosure, he actually had to “take the other call,” which I immediately translated as “go fuck my big-bosomed mistress.” He later told me it was the “garage door guy” calling, which I have been running with ever since. For instance, on the way to Chooch’s party, Henry took some crazy back roads and made some remark about “always forgetting that there’s a stop sign there.”

“What, do you drive on this road a lot?” I asked, teenage-snark oozing off my tongue.

“Actually, yes,” he said.

“Oh, is this where the ‘garage door guy’ lives?!” I snapped.

He might as well get that “E” on his ring finger turned into “GDG.”

OMG IT’S ALMOST LIKE DGD (Dance Gavin Dance)!


This was Chooch’s reaction after he pulled his Ju-On doll out of the box. Then he proceeded to make the Ju-On throat crackle all night.




My favorite cemetery. It’s like my outdoors gym. The upside of doing sit-ups there is that the prospect of zombies shambling behind me makes me do them a lot faster.



OK. You’re free to go now.

  2 Responses to “Semi-Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Marcy looks fucking majestic in that last picture.

    I’m glad you like the blanket!

    • I finally got to bring the blanket to work today because Dumb Henry gave me a ride (didn’t want to carry it on the dirty trolley!). My work friends love it, too!

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