Jun 302013


Here you will find a series of photos (and one 15-second video) illustrating one Henry J. Robbins indulging in a Twin Kiss twist cone.


In this particular photograph, our hirsute subject is telling this writer that he will not eat his ice cream cone if photographs are going to be taken.


Moments later,  our irascible subject lets his guard down and indulges in a quick, hearty, sexual lick; lives to regret it.


Subject’s son eats his ice cream with wild abandon; ice cream lands on shoulder.


Surly subject squats alone at a table with a seafoam background.

20130629-194439.jpgMustachioed Subject attempts to block his ice cream sucking with one lone blue collar working hand, but everyone knows what’s going on behind the meat-fist.


Temper flaring, subject tries to ruin this writer’s camera with an ice cream cone sucker punch; fails.


Subject gives silent treatment for next 30 minutes, refuses to watch ice cream cone cinematic masterpiece:

  3 Responses to “Henry Eating Ice Cream”

  1. This is so amazingly awkward!

  2. This just won my lunchtime. Henry and his ice cream and constant stripes.

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