Jul 152013


It’s not a summer Saturday without some goddamn ice cream.


I just wanted a twist cone and at the last second, I changed my order to something called Porky’s Parfait because it had pecans in it. But it also had cherries, which was actually this heavy, gloopy cherry sauce. It was OK but I got sick.


For Sale: 1 Sad Ice Cream Cone Holder. This was seconds before some mean fly thing bit my foot, so Henry was all gleeful after that.


Henry ended up with everyone’s ice cream again. Actually, he kept trying to take mine too, which is why I forced myself to eat it.


Later, Chooch and I were being public assholes so Henry tried to ditch us.


Got some ethnic grub at It’s Greek To Me in Brookline but they got rid of almost everything I enjoyed so I pouted and ordered falafel because that’s the only non-meat option they have now. Not even meatless grape leaves!


Henry, hating his life.

This cuts off right before Henry glares at me, OMG it was so scary.



The house that gave me a TV.


Henry, turning around to tell us to stop being dicks.


Henry trying not to smile at something adorable we’ve done.


Later that night, we went to Henry’s workplace to set off fireworks. Janna came with us, because fireworks are cool. We tried to hide from Henry in the warehouse among pallets of gross Faygo, but it backfired and he scared us really bad which made Chooch cry and carry on like an infant because he is not like me at all.



Get it, Henry!


Yelling at me.




Then he tried to lock us in. :(

/end Saturday.

  4 Responses to “Another Whirlwind Saturday In July”

  1. Mmmmmm Remember When!
    Found this little gem so close to our house when we moved here last year!

  2. I really want to try Faygo. We don’t have that here and every time you post about it, I get cravings for something I’ve never even tasted. Is that crazy?

  3. I must someday hear the story about how hiding among the Faygo backfired.

    I totally would’ve hidden there with you.

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